Protect your art career/ stephen silver (by Stephen Silver)


Such a valid point! The amount of stuff I’ve done for free has done nothing for me in return. It hasn’t given me exposure, it hasn’t given me paid work, it hasn’t given me satisfaction, or thanks, or gratitude.
It’s only recently I’ve really started to see the repercussions.
I can’t afford the materials I’d like, paper I need, sometimes I have to stop work I want to do, and do work I don’t want to do, not to mention I am already accumulating student debt.

[I pay roughly £160 a week for my classes.
My mac broke last year and I had to pay £1500 for a new one.
I also bought a set of copic markers for £180.
not to mention my car broke and I had to buy a new one.
I also have a regular phone bill like everyone else, and netflix
If I add all of that up my life roughly costs me £28 a day.

In a normal job working an 8 hour day that would be the same as £3.50 an hour, not even minimum wage.
I laugh at the thought of an apprenticeship where they pay you
£2.30 an hour and expect you to work 40 hour weeks.
But hell, I’m doing worse!
I guess this also applies in my life as a musician, the amount of things you do for charity, or unpaid because its exposure for your band. It’s ridiculous.
The bar rakes it, I doubt giving any profit to the “charity” they are holding the event for.  They expect 4 musicians to cart all their gear there, play for 40 minutes - an hour. No petrol money, no food, no drink. Each gig must cost me roughly £25-£30.
Once you play once for free, you are always expected to play for free.
I can’t buy drum sticks, petrol, drum parts on free.

Us artists need to protect our trade. We crave exposure and end up devaluing what we have.


I had a great time, & so many good bands on the lock up stage ! sunday was my favourite!! But now I’m broken. #readingfestival #theflatliners #sickasadog #corpseoclock

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Really digging @mastodonrocks new album. It really IS the motherload. #wip #mastodon #drawing #soundtrack


One of my weak spots is drawing hands. So when in doubt , draw 100. My first 18. #wip #drawing #cyan #hands #sketching #selfimprovement #illustration


Today, I was in town, stood outside New Look in the rain.
Partly because it brings back haunting memories of when I used to work there … (believe it or not)
But since I was designated bag holder, I chose to get rained on.
I hate clogging up the tightly packed isles of crappy discounted clothes with under age women trying to force their prams over my huge feet because they have the right of the way and no matter where i move, I am always in the way. No thank you.
This girl is walking through town with her family, I admired her 14 eyelet Dr Martens, which I’ve always lusted over, but can never justify spending the money over. Her dad clocks me, nudges her and whispers something to her, she looks over , looks at me for a second and then smiles. I smile back and I guess do a goth-nod ?

Like when to bus drivers drive past and wave at each other, or when to motorcyclists cross paths and the nod to each other.

It was like for a brief moment I didn’t feel like a freak and have random people stare at me. I wasn’t the only goth in the village. I tried to remember what she looked like, but I didn’t do her any justice.
I wish I shouted to her. Hey goth girl, thanks for making my day.

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Something I started while working at Atlantic Coast tattoo this week, but after I finished the lining I wasn’t happy. (Hence the lack of picture)
I’m not sure if I’ll scrap it and start again, or come back to it later.

Done on procreate

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Gotta get up in 6 hours. (4am) to work 9.5 hours. Then go to Plymouth to watch some bands ( #caliban #iktpq #tdwp #theghostinside) . I’m pretty sure I will be a full on corpse. Stood at the back frigid with rigor mortis. #whatislife #sloth #teethy


Sharpie eyeliner? Damn Alex.



Sharpie eyeliner? Damn Alex.


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Banana weapon sketches.

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Character Design sheets.


Character development.

He is the 5th horse of the apocalypse, but no one wants him. I think I’ll call him Rot.



Jamie Hewlett is back drawing Tank Girl! Check out the new book - 21st Century Tank Girl, only on Kickstarter, April 2014. This image by project artist Brett Parson.

So amazing !!! Very excited

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